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Convenient, professional and friendly

Dive Centre Manly is only 5 minutes from Sydney’s best dive sites

Dive Centre Manly has an extensive retail showroom offering Sydney’s largest range of Halcyon dive equipment along with the reputable brands of Oceanic and Tusa. We also have a multi award winning PADI 5 Star Instructor training centre offering a complete range of dive courses from Discover Scuba to Instructor level and beyond – including Sydney’s most talked about Learn to Dive course. Having these facilities on site helps ensure you receive realistic hands on training and avoids wasting your valuable time.

Retail store

  • Sydney’s largest range of Halcyon dive equipment
  • Oceanic and Tusa products
  • Fully equipped service centre
  • Hydrostatic cylinder testing, mixed gas, nitrox and air filling station

Training centre

  • PADI 5 Star Instructor training facility
  • 3 metre deep heated and floodlight diver training pool
  • 2 air conditioned classrooms
  • Conveniently located in Manly close to the wharf and bus station

Meet the team


 Richard Nicholls

The Bossman


Chris Howe

The Manager

Janet Clough

Janet Clough

The Bossman’s Boss


Rosie Leaney

The Photography Pro


Ana Poulalion

The Shark Enthusiast


Steve Ho

The Tec Pro

A little history

The original dive shop opened in 1962, 1 of only 3 in Sydney and was known as Ron Hardings Sports Store. The owners Ron Harding and Barry May were early pioneers of diving alongside the Ron and Val Taylor. Dive Centre Manly has been under the current ownership since February 1993.

Dive Centre Manly has been under the current ownership of Richard and Janet since February 1993. We have 2 locations, the Dive Centre in Manly (DCM) and the Dive Training Centre (DTC) in Manly Vale.

  • 1994 – Popularised the use of enriched air diving in the region setting up countless Nitrox facilities and training instructors, technicians and gas blenders
  • 1995 – Developed training programmes and procedures for deep and mixed gas diving. Conducted the first enriched air dives on the Great Barrier reef to support the first 24 hour study of the Reef Metamorphysea Project
  • 1996 – First to offer recreational semi-closed circuit training on the Atlantis Rebreather (became the Drager Dolphin) to both students and instructors
  • 1998 – First CDC training centre in Australia able to offer a full range of dive career programmes. The largest contributor to PADI Project Aware with over $20,000 in funds raised in the first 10 years. Instrumental in getting Cabbage Tree Bay a no-take aquatic reserve with seed funding, supplying dive equipment, logistical support and getting wide spread acceptance from the local community. First store to run underwater cleanups.
  • 2000 until today – Numerous industry and community awards for both business and environmental initiatives. Strives to stay at the forefront of diving technologies and recently hosted the first PADI Hollis Explorer Rebreather instructor programmes