Dive Sites

Sydney’s best dive sites

Browse the map below and check out some of Sydney’s best dive sites.


Annie Miller Wreck

-33.84501046565124, 151.29747462342493

Sunk in 1929 and discovered in 1977, the SS Annie Miller primarily transported coal. The shipwreck sits in max 46m with an average depth of 43m.

Bellubera Wreck

-33.712988384937574, 151.3306345953606

Former Manly Ferry sunk in 1980 as part of an artificial reef project after 4-5 collisions. Suitable for Tec50 divers, this wreck lies on its side in 40-50 metres.

Blue Fish Point


Suitable for Open Water Divers and up, this North Head site features soft sponges, schools of yellow tail, giant cuttlefish, wobbegong sharks and weedy sea dragons. Depth: 15 - 22m

Catherine Adamson (Wreck)


The Adamson sunk in 1957, just 9 months after the Dunbar Wreck. This site also features fantastic sponge gardens with loads of schooling fish. 15-22m

Centurion Wreck

-33.81509581951249, 151.2826552405022

Situated in about 18 metres of water on a sandy bottom, this wreck consists of twisted iron, masts, timber and some other pieces of the ship.

Coolooli Wreck

-33.7204085310617, 151.32768917363137

A large bucket dredge sunk in 1980 as part of the artificial reef project. The Coolooli lies on its starboard side in 48m.

Currajong Wreck

-33.855288164785335, 151.24791419540998

Suitable for night dives only. The most intact wreck in Sydney. The Currajong sits under the Manly Ferry path in 27 metres of water.

Dee Why Ferry

-33.71406884130047, 151.32634306093678

Former Manly Ferry forming part of the artificial reef project. Suitable for Tec50 divers, the wreck lies between 43 and 48 metres.

Dee Why Wide


This site is perfect for Deep Divers, ranging down to 36m. You can see sponges, Wobbegong sharks and occasionally blue devil fish.

Diamond Bay


Fantastic dive site on the South side suitable for Open Water Divers. Lots of overhangs and swim-throughs. Schooling fish, Wobbegongs and rays. 21m max

Dunbar (Wreck)


The remains of the Dunbar clipper, sunk in 1957. You can still find debris, green bottles and occasionally coins on this wreck. 5-10m

Ex-HMAS Adelaide Wreck

-33.457384, 151.466924

This warship was purposefully sunk in 2011 as an artificial reef. Now one of the best wreck dives in New South Wales. Depth: 18 - 38m Advanced Level Dive

Fairfax Lookout


Site named after the North Head lookout. Big boulders with loads of sponges and nudibranchs. Max depth 23m

Fairlight Beach

-33.800203, 151.275012

A shore dive with kelp gardens and a rocky wall. Plenty of colourful sponges, crevices and overhangs. Home to octopus, moray eels, eastern frogfish, schools of luderick and old wives. There is also a small wreck to explore. Depth: 7 - 11m

Fairy Bower

-33.800283, 151.293550

Part of Cabbage Tree Bay Aquatic Reserve, fish life is abundant. Each season brings new marine life: Giant Cuttlefish, Port Jackson sharks and schooling dusky whaler sharks. Depth: 6 - 9m.


-33.84308095877591, 151.28497159515973

Great shallow site for new Open Water Divers. You can see old wives, schooling scad, cuttlefish and kingfish. 8-15m

Manly Cove

-33.799695, 151.282538

A shallow dive so plenty of time to hunt for critters. These include seahorses, pipefish, cuttlefish, anglerfish, blennies, blue-ring octopus. A great night dive. Depth: 3-4m

Old Mans Hat


Rocky reef with colourful sponge gardens, walls and overhangs. This site is often your best chance to see the weedy sea dragons. You'll find a range of nudibranchs, wobbegong and Port Jackson sharks, blue groper and schools of pomfret. Depth to 18m.

Royal Shepherd Wreck


Small ship wreck off South Head - You can see: Sting rays, cuttlefish, Moray Eels and schooling scad. Depth: 30m

Shelly Beach - Marine Parade

-33.800559, 151.296018

Part of Cabbage Tree Bay aquatic reserve and one of the most popular shore diving sites in Sydney due to clear, sheltered conditions. The boulders, kelp gardens and seagrass beds are home to wide variety of marine life both big and small. Depth: 6-9m

Shelly Beach - The Point

-33.798901, 151.296898

Part of Cabbage Tree Bay Aquatic Reserve, marine life thrives here. One of the most popular shore dive sites due to its sheltered location and variety of marine life. Depth: 6-12 metres

South Reef


Dive site featuring cascasing rock shelves, seagrass and moss. Home to pieces of wreck, octopuses and cuttlefish. Great for beginners. Fantastic night dive. 5-15m

SS Myola

-33.75978786155061, 151.321879865136

Lying in just under 50m of water, the Myola sunk in 1919. Suitable for Tec45 divers.

The Apartments


Best site in Sydney to dive with Grey Nurse Sharks. This rock wall and valley also features schools of pomfrets, yellow tail scad and spectacular rock formations including swim throughs. depth 12 - 21m

The Colours


Lovely colourful sponge gardens which are home to a range of nudibranchs and macro life. Larger animals such as blue groper, giant cuttlefish, wobbegongs, Port Jackson sharks and rays are also found here. Depth 15-25m

The Gap


Good for beginners. Large rocky shelves and boulders sloping down to the sand at about 18-20m. Look for weedy seadragons in the kelp, port jackson sharks and rays on the sand. Also blue groper and giant cuttlefish patrolling the rocks.



Rocky reef and colourful sponge gardens with a large variety of nudibranchs. Depth 12 - 25m

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