Ana’s Nelson Bay Trip

With a small group of divers, we went for a dive weekend away in Nelson Bay. After a three hour drive, we arrived at our share house accommodation. Everyone settled in and within a few minutes everyone was chatting like a big family!

Up early on the sunny Saturday morning, we headed to the marina to join the Let’s Go Adventure crews for our double boat dives. Soon, we were all geared up and onboard for a relaxing boat trip to Broughton Island. On our way, we were lucky enough to spot a couple of Dolphins jumping out of the water. We arrived at our dive site, Shark Gutter where we could see the bottom from the boat and we couldn’t wait to plunge into the clear water.

We had two amazing dives with 20 metre visibility – we spotted a dozen grey nurse sharks, lots of Port Jackson sharks (and eggs), school of bull-eyes, old wives and mado… It felt like we were in an aquarium. The grey nurse were really calm, gliding past us without really noticing us. We all relaxed and waited, allowing the sharks to come within a couple feet from us. It was a fantastic experience.


Back on shore, we got our tank filled up, ready to go for our shore dive at Fly Point, a really easy dive, visibility was average but with some dolphins were around we had a great time. We saw a porcupine fish, the skinniest Wobbegong shark I’ve ever seen, lots of colourful nudibranchs and sponges.

After an awesome day, everyone was pretty exhausted. We went out for dinner and ice-cream, talked about our favourite part of the day, even had a nice walk along the waterfront and decided then to have an early night.


Sunday morning, we were all rested up and super excited to go back diving with the grey nurse sharks. On the way to the dive site, we saw seals and whales !!! Our first dive was The looking Glass, a narrow channel through the centre of the island, nice swim through with amazing sea life, and a couple of grey nurse sharks. For our second dive we went back to Shark Gutter, where we enjoyed observing all the sharks and went tooth hunting while listening to the whale song.

img_6391Thanks for joining us Chris, Jess, Simon, Andreas, Adrien, Mikhail, Peter and Tai. It was super awesome spending the weekend with all of you guys.

Enough said! Because a video will always be better than words, be sure to check out my video and share it. Dive sites: Broughton Island, Shark Gutter and the Looking Glass.

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