Nelson Bay

nelson bay

Nelson Bay

18 and 19 August 2018

Only $450 (or just $415 for dive club members)

Green level trip – suitable for Open Water Divers


  • 4 boat dives at Broughton Island and Nelson Bay
  • 1 shore dive at Fly Point – some of the best Macro Diving in NSW
  • 2 nights accommodation (dorm room – private rooms available at extra $70pp)
  • Air tank hire

Not Included:

  • Transport to Nelson Bay (car sharing usually available)
  • Lunch & Dinner
  • Rental Equipment
  • Nitrox Tank Hire – $50 for duration of trip
  • Full Gear Rental – $125 for duration of trip

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About diving at Nelson Bay:

The Looking Glass dive is approximately 15 metres on the sandy rocky bottom, following into a channel. Keep an eye out for Wobbegongs and Port Jackson sharks on the bottom throughout the rock formations and don’t forget to look up to catch a Grey Nurse Shark cruising by.  At the opening of the channel you will see a variety of fish enjoying the surge where you swim over a rock ledge covered in sponges, sea squirts and other colourful life sitting in the prim position to feed on in the almost constantly moving water.  Often patrolled by large black rays, you can find wobbegongs on the sand and on occasion grey nurse sharks. Of course if you encounter the Grey Nurse Sharks divers will tend to stop negative on the bottom and simply enjoy the sharks circling over head.

Fly Point at 7-24m is a favourite amongst visitors and the locals due to its abundance in life and colour. As soon as you enter the water you are surrounded by fish swimming around your legs. This is a snorkeler’s heaven! For divers there is something to look at the entire dive. Submerge in the shallows to see schooling fish of all sizes, look through the sea grass and kelp for octopus, wobbegongs and sea hairs.

Into the little things? Looking in and around the sponges, corals and sea grasses you could find a rainbow of nudibranches, cowries, flatworms, sea spiders and other little critters to make you smile. For those who like the big stuff there are sponges bigger than you could wrap your arms around, blue groupers, and a variety of fish life schooling throughout the sponges and over head. There are a number of massive silver drummer patrolling the area, Oh and don’t forget the possibility of being buzzed by a dolphin.