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GUE TECHNICAL DIVER 1 The gold standard

The gateway to GUE Project Exploration; the standard for Technical diving 

The GUE Tech 1 course is recognised worldwide as one of the most demanding diving courses out there and earning the rating is an indisputable mark of excellence as a Technical diver. Upon completion you will be qualified to dive to 51m on Trimix with a single decompression cylinder having demonstrated a mastery of teamwork, problem-solving ability, awareness, ascent speed and timing and competency to handle any failures that could come your way.

Why take this course?

This class is designed for holders of a current GUE Fundamentals Tech Pass rating to enter the world of Technical diving, as well as those existing ambitious technical divers who have also fulfilled the Tech pass prerequisite to test themselves and gain a gold standard and sought-after qualification.

By the end of this course you will be equipped with practical, detailed knowledge and understanding of realistic decompression, gas management, dive planning and breathing gas theory that complement your high-level skills in order to execute demanding, mission-directed technical dives leading towards genuine exploration and/or research projects. As such, for those looking to take their Technical diving to the next level GUE Tech 1 is the gateway to GUE projects and more advanced GUE training such as GUE Technical Diver 2 (up to 75m, multiple deco cylinders) and GUE CCR 1 (Closed-Circuit Rebreather Level 1 on a GUE configured CCR).


  • Minimum 18 years old
  • Physically and mentally fit
  • Minimum 100 logged dives
  • Be a certified GUE Fundamentals Diver with Technical pass*

What is involved:

Direct instruction from a GUE Technical Instructor focusing on individual and team skill development to develop you into a safe, highly capable and efficient technical diver.


  • 6 days
  • Minimum of 7 dives (of which 3 are Trimix experience dives)
  • Land drills, dry runs, classroom theory sessions
  • Boat and gas**


  • Registration fee for course materials and certification (~$100 paid direct to GUE)


  • $2,000 + $1,500 boat and gas. A $500 deposit can be paid to secure the spot.


*if you are looking to upgrade to a Tech pass and/or would like to discuss a pre-course diving plan please let us know.

**any necessary additional dives will incur extra costs.

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