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Scientific Diver Course – Occupational Diver Rating







Dive Centre Manly is offering the new Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA), Nationally Recognised training course AHCLPW305A: Perform diving for scientific purposes. This qualification will allow to conduct occupational diving for Scientific Research purposes.

Course content – Scientific Diver or Research Diver Course

Could you run and retrieve line reels while wearing a blacked out mask? Could you set an underwater grid?

  • This course is approved by Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA), as Nationally Recognised Training and involves a number of competency components. It was developed as an occupational rating for anyone working in marine industry.
  • Scientific Diver Theory and Classroom Workshop.
  • Underwater Transect line layout and survey for a specific purpose, either Fish ID or Reef Life.
  • Restricted Visibility diving. Learn restricted visibility techniques and diving procedures.
  • Search and recovery techniques and safety practices.
  • Scientific dive proposals, checklists and dive plans requirements,
  • Line signals and rescue procedures

Dive Centre Manly is conducting this course on a regular basis. Each course has to be tailored to the requirements of the students. Please contact us via email or phone for more information.

Duration: minimum of 2 days

Course Cost

The course cost starts from $695 including 1 x confined water dive and 3 x open water dives. All RTO pre-requisite course costs are extra.

Dive Centre Manly will deliver this course in partnership with PADI Asia Pacific as the RTO (RTO ID #6729).


All participants have to complete the following course prerequisites to enroll in the Scientific Diver Course:

  1. SISISCB301A Scuba Dive in Open Water to a maximum depth of 18 metres. Certification of PADI Open Water or equivalent with the addition of theory and rescue skills of the qualifications: SISOODR302A Plan Outdoor Recreation Activities and SISOOPS304A Plan for Minimal Environmental Impact.
  1. Certification of PADI Advanced Open Water with the compulsory inclusion and Logbook proof of 7 specialty dives:
    Deep Diving, Navigation Diving, Night Diving, Search and Recovery Diving, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Underwater Naturalist or Aware Fish ID and Underwater Photography or Digital U/W Photography or U/W Videography and AWARE-Coral Reef Conservation and Wreck Diver.
  1. SISOSCB306A Perform Diver Rescues Certification of the PADI Rescue Diver with additional theory and skills. If all you have is the PADI or equivalent courses, further competency will be needed to achieve accreditation of these courses.

As well as the standard PADI courses, you will need to hold qualifications of:

Dive Centre Manly offers participants to complete any missing components as a package with this course. Please contact for more details.

Certification Details

Upon completion you will receive a Statement of Attainment for AHCLPW305A: Perform diving for scientific purposes, including any additional units of competency you successfully complete. A Nationally recognized training occupational scientific scuba diving course.

Course Dates:

Please contact us via email or on 02 9977 4355 about our next upcoming Scientific Diver Course.


Are you already a PADI Rescue Diver?

All your recreational PADI certifications can be recognised for the Scientific Diver certification. We will need to convert them to RTO based qualifications.

The Open Water Diver needs to have an extension including “Plan for minimal environmental impact and Plan outdoor recreation activities” to be completed. (SISOODR302A Plan Outdoor Recreation Activities and SISOOPS304A Plan for Minimal Environmental Impact.)

This gives you the SISOSCB301A SCUBA dive in open water to a max depth of 18m qualification.

The PADI Advanced Open Water needs to have specific 7 specialty dives completed including Deep, Navigation, Night, Search and Recovery, Underwater Naturalist, Underwater Photography or Digital Underwater Photography or Underwater Videographer and Peak Performance Buoyancy.

The Rescue Diver needs to have a brief extension to achieve the SISOSCB306A Perform diver rescues qualification.

The cost for each qualification is $50.