PADI Tec 40

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The Tec 40 program is part one of the PADI Technical diving program and along with Tec 45 Trimix and Tec 50 Trimix forms the three-course entry into the world of technical diving.

This course is aimed not just at those wishing to go on to becoming fully-fledged technical divers but anyone curious about diving beyond the recreational range.  The skill refinement, teamwork, task-load management and dive theory you learn will be an asset if you:

  • are an Advanced Open water diver with Nitrox who has completed at least 10 dives in the 30m range;
  • a deep and/or wreck specialty diver looking for the next challenge;
  • a Divemaster, divemaster-in-training or rescue diver wanting to expand your dive knowledge and skills;
  • want to understand more about equipment configurations, decompression, procedures etc;
  • an Instructor wanting to dive at a level higher than you teach;
  • like the idea of a challenge and lots of shiny kit and dive toys!

The course is run over three days and one evening and includes theory, practical applications, 4 intensive dive sessions and one qualifying decompression dive.

Course outcomes

  • Learn to set-up and use a full standard technical rig including twin tanks and stage decompression cylinder
  • Plan and execute dives using desktop decompression software
  • Understand and utilise gas management and dive planning strategies
  • Qualify to undertake technical dives up to 40m with 10 minutes of decompression


  • Advanced Open Water with Nitrox or equivalent with at least 10 logged dives to 30m
  • Deep Specialty diver or equivalent
  • Minimum 30 logged dives

Cost $695

Includes: Tec diver pack, PADI digital Tec manual, Tec dive planning slates and materials

Excludes: Equipment hire

  • Twinset, wing, backplate, second regulator $150
  • Stage tank and regulator $50

For safety and familiarity, it is highly recommended you own your own equipment for this course and beyond.  Prior to the start of the course please contact us for a consultation regarding equipment and the best value packages to make sure you get the right gear!

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