PADI Tec 65 Trimix

The serious stuff begins

For those who want to see what few get to see, the Tec 65 Trimix course prepares you to plan, execute and safely undertake some serious dives with a higher helium Trimix and up to 5 cylinders.  If you’re up for the challenge and can accept the risks then the PADI Trimix program can take you to the edges of Open-circuit technical diving.

PC: Stephen Ho

This course is aimed at experienced technical divers who already regularly conduct dives in the 50m range.  By building on strong skills developed throughout the previous Tec programs the aim is to challenge you to develop the skills, awareness, control and teamwork especially required in this depth range.

Course outcomes

  • Plan and execute dives up to 65m deep with unrestricted helium Trimix.
  • Learn how to wear and configure up to 5 tanks
  • Hone the skills to handle and shuffle up to three stage cyclinders
  • Gain access to parts of the underwater world few get to see
  • Prepare for the full Tec Trimix course


  • PADI Tec 50 Trimix or Tec 50 diver or equivalent
  • PADI Rescue Diver
  • Minimum 150 logged dives

Please contact us to register your interest in this course