Scuba Diving for Kids

Share underwater adventures with your whole family!

With their natural curiosity and affinity to learn new skills, children can make excellent scuba divers. Scuba diving helps kids become more confident people – both above and below the surface – through training and exploration of the underwater world. A great way to deepen bonds and cultivate family relationships, scuba diving creates memories that will be shared for a lifetime.

PADI’s Junior Open Water Diver course is similar to the adult certification program and prepares kids to become full-fledged divers when they are of age. To begin the program, students must be at least 12 years old and be able to swim.

To ensure that young divers don’t exceed their limits, the Junior Open Water certification comes with restrictions. Divers 12-14 years old must dive with a certified adult and dives cannot exceed 18 meters / 60 feet.

After the age of 15, depth and buddy restrictions default to those of a regular PADI Open Water Diver. Divers who were initially certified as a junior diver and wish to receive a new card that simply says “Open Water Diver” can order a replacement from PADI’s website.

Scuba Groms – For certified 12-18 year olds during school holidays!

We regularly teach many young divers between the ages of 12-18 to scuba dive and we know how keen you all are to go diving with your friends once the course is over.  As you know diving is a social sport- you should always dive with a buddy- so it’s also a fantastic way to meet others who share your interest in the underwater world.

We’re excited to launch our very own version of a school holiday diving camp- Scuba Groms.  This program is aimed at already certified Junior and Open Water divers aged between 12-18, of any experience level.

Join us for a double shore dive exclusively for young people as a chance to buddy with their friends and meet new ones as they explore the local marine reserve under the care and supervision of one of our Instructors or Divemasters.

Session times

Thursday 11th July 9am-3pm

  • Dive 1: Seahorse Search at Manly Cove
  • Dive 2: Dive Against Debris at Manly Cove

Thursday 18th July 9am-3pm

  • Dive 1 & 2 both critter hunting at Chowder Bay, Mosman

Thursday or Friday during the school holidays, 9am to 3pm

Cost $175

(Includes two dives, all equipment, guide, transport to and from the site and supervision)

October 2019
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