Dive Club Membership


Dive Club Membership



Dive Centre Manly has had a very successful dive club for 20 years. The club began at the start of 1992 and was named Dive Club. It quickly grew and so did its focus on marine environmental issues. In 1996 it changed its name to Manly Eco Divers to reflect its aims and the work it was committed to.
Manly Eco Divers was extremely successful in fundraising and pioneered charity work for DAN, Project AWARE, and Manly Environmental Centre. They were instrumental in the implementation of our local Marine Reserve of Cabbage Tree bay, which is now an amazing dive site. The Club became the Sea Dragons in 2000 after a competition for a new name was held for members.

The Sea Dragons started the now famous and much imitated Potato Treasure Hunt!

In 2011 the name went back to its origins of Dive Club, but its passion for marine issues remains. The dive club is now focusing on the two serious issues of Shark Conservation and Debris and will be working alongside Project AWARE on these.

The Dive Club is for every diver. Whether you are newly certified and looking to get into local diving and practise your skills or you’re an old pro in need of a few new buddies and stories! We hold regular socials to meet and have a beer, as well as educational evenings and talks. There are regular dive events and things to keep you busy through winter too. Take a look at our calendar to see what we are up to.

As a club member you are entitled to many benefits:

  • 10% off: Gear rental and full price stock items.
  • Club Members price on Dive Trips
  • Club Members sales previews and special offer
  • Free shore diving – (equipment not included –subject to availability)
  • Monthly Social, Activity or Talk
  • Charity, environmental & Social Events.

The Club is an annual membership and the fee is only $100 for an entire year.

Have some fun and come diving with us!


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