Great for your first ever dive

“My wife booked me a discovery dive for Christmas. Being a keen snorkeler, I was quite excited about donning the scuba diving equipment and seeing underwater life. We arrived at the Manly Dive Centre and were greeted by the friendly owner. There were no hassles in getting me prepped for the dive. I watched 20 minute dvd about dive safety and filled out a questionnaire form.

Once this was done, I went for a fitting for my wetsuit. All the equipment was provided for the discovery dive. Once the equipment was loaded in the van, myself and the other divers (4 of us) headed to Shelley Beach for the dive. We got kitted up at the beach and headed to the water. My dive instructor gave me a 101 on the buoyancy control and how to breathe through the regulator. We did some tests in shallow water and once I got the hang of the equipment and felt comfortable underwater, we headed out to deeper water. There was a lot of underwater life and we even saw a manta ray. It was a very relaxed dive and I would highly recommend it for first time divers.”