Wreck Diver

wreck diver course

Explore history

Learn how to explore mysterious sunken shipwrecks, planes and even automobiles. We take you to HMAS Adelaide, a former Australian naval warship that was purpose prepared and sunk to create an artificial dive reef.

Located approximately 1.8km off Avoca Beach near Terrigal on the Central Coast of New South Wales, in approximately 32 metres of water this site has been prepared and optimally located to make it attractive to divers of all levels of experience.

What is involved:

  • Learn to plan, organise and safely dive on wrecks
  • Raise your awareness of the social, legal and historical value of shipwrecks
  • Learn limited visibility diving techniques with the use of reels and lines

Pre requisite: Advanced Diver

Course duration: 2 days


  • Wreck Diver manual
  • 4 boat dives
  • Tanks & weights


  • Gear rental $75

Cost: $495